AR is still young, but the technology is improving as we speak. With that progress, business owners are finding new ways how to incorporate AR into their workflow, and this article will tell you a bit more about that. Here are the top 5 augmented reality trends in 2020 for businesses.

Trend #1: AR Shopping

People often experience paralysis by analysis when browsing items online. There are so many brands and products, which makes choosing hard, and buyers often don’t know where to start.
If you offer your buyers an AR shopping experience, they will be able to virtually try before they buy, and see how the product looks in the real world. This will not only improve customer experience but also lead to fewer returns, which will increase your revenue.

Trend #2: Business In-house Application

While offering your customers AR will improve their experience, businesses can benefit from this technology a lot when they apply it in-house.
Using Augmented Reality for training staff is one of the trends that will see a broad application, even in smaller companies. The technology will allow your team to see with their own eyes what you are trying to train them for. This will drastically cut the amount of training time needed, and employees will be able to learn more in less time.

Trend #3: AR and Vehicles

Virtual showrooms are also applicable in the car retail industry, especially because people are not buying a new car every day. With AR, they can check different colors, but also details such as rims or spoilers, and see how everything looks even before buying. This is also applicable when purchasing parts, as you can use AR to determine if the new part is going to fit your car make and model.
But, AR will find more and more use even years after the purchase. With this technology, people will be able to scan the car and find any parts that are damaged. Or even use AR to perform step-by-step light maintenance, such as changing oil, or replacing tires.

Trend #4: Redefining Customer Support

AR opens an entirely new way to provide help to customers in need. With this technology, you will be able to see what the person is seeing and help them fix the issue in much less time.
Every support technician knows the difficulties, as it is very hard to explain technical terms what a non-tech-savvy individual needs to do. AR can change that, and make the support process much less stressful for both sides.

Trend #5: AR Indoor Navigation

While we are used to using Gmaps and similar GPS tools to find our way around cities, things can difficult when we reach our destination. Sure, you’ve found the building, but now you need to find the room where you need to go. This is increasingly stressful in massive buildings such as college campuses, or hospitals, especially when you are time-pressured.
With AR, you can create an indoor navigation environment, similar to the ones people use outside. That way, they will be able to find the exact office in your company, without the need to ask 50 people for directions.


AR—Available To Anyone

Now, with company’s like visionar, implementing AR is available to businesses and agencies of any size, but even for individuals. visionar is a full-service AR solution, as it puts all of the tools you need to create your own AR environment—app, creator studio, SDK, and cloud environment to support all that.
Now, AR is accessible to anyone, and there is simply no excuse why you shouldn’t try it in your business. If you don’t, your competitors will, be proactive.