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Technical requirements

Overview of technological requirements for using v-reality
The web frontend of v-reality is optimized for the latest versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox

Content specifications

Images: 8 or 24-bit PNG and JPG formats; JPGs have to be RGB or greyscale (no CMYK)
Music: mp3 (basically no restrictions)
Video: minimal HD ready, preferred format is h.264
Link: basically no restrictions

App specifications

from Android 5.0 (dual core device with at least 1 GB RAM)
from iOS 10.0

Does and Dont’s

You want excellent results? Just make sure you choose targets with the first three requirements beneath:

Good example

High contrast

Good example

Clearly defined edges

Good example

Uneven structures

Bad example

Symmetrical structures

Bad example

Low contrast

Bad example

Homogenous surfaces


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