visionar augmented reality-AR for Interactive Learning

Augmented Reality for Interactive Learning

Educational content and interactive learning made easy! Augmented reality in education enables faster learning by interesting additional content which comes as an effect to the printed books, training documents, etc. Why not connect animals with their respective sounds? This way children will learn faster and connect images with sounds instantly.

Instructions to test the Demo

You can test the demo on your smartphone to experience this example of augmented reality used for educational purpose.

step 1

Download visionar App

Download the app at the Apple app store or on Google
Play to make augmented content visible on your
iPhone or Android-Smartphone.



visionar augmented reality-visionar app download google play store

step 2

Enter the code or
scan the QR code

Start the visionar app and enter the following code
(numbers below) or scan the QR-code from here:



visionar augmented reality demo example code or 745198

step 3

Test our interactive learning example
of the demo magazine

Simply scan the magazine page and explore the AR features of it. If you want to see more of our examples and features, just download the complete demo magazine pdf file. You will find different AR examples on every page.

How to use it? You can either print it and scan the page from there,
or you just open the pdf on another device and scan it’s screen with your phone there.



step 4

Enjoy the AR experience
on your mobile

Keep your smart device above the augmented target and experience
augemented reality right away.