augmented reality for your business

Boost your profit
with AR

Amaze your clients and customers with the latest megatrend in marketing. Augmented reality opens new possibilities to present your services and/or products in an innovative way. Create enriching experiences by building bridges between static Information and dynamic content. With visionar, you have access to the AR technology without spending high Budgets to serve your target group right.

visionar augmented reality-ar for business

Ways to use AR in your business

There are endless possibilities for augmented reality in your business. Be one step ahead of your competitors and use new technologies to differentiate. Create interactive and memorable experiences for your clients and customers and present your products and services in an innovative way.

visionar augmented reality-ar for business

Using AR in advertising enables your customers to immerse in experiences with your products and services. Whether using it in your marketing campaigns, on print media, on events or your product packaging. There are various possibilities to create an added value for customers and clients and drive loyalty simultaneously.


AR can enhance learning experiences and motivation. Either transforming the way of learning or increase the efficiency of it. Interactive learning and guiding are new ways of getting digital natives closer to different topics. There are endless possibilities in using AR in education. You can connect learning materials with additional information or explain difficult topics in a playful way.


No matter in which industry you are working in, augmented reality can create an interactive and convenient shopping experience. Products can be made easily accessible from everywhere, and customers can get deeper insights about your product features and services upfront. It opens the possibility to lower a cognitive dissonance and engages in purchasing.


Use AR in tourism to steer tourist flows or to provide helpful additional information about places. It can make travelling easier, more exciting, and uniquely memorable. Hotels and Gastronomy, as well as transport companies or the local tourist information, can make use of it to drive loyalty and improve the customer experience of customers and guests.


The fashion industry faces a huge number of competitors. With using augmented reality, the shopping experience can be enhanced, and the purchase decision can be made easier by the possibility to check out the products before visiting the store.


Using AR is not limited to any business model or business sector. There are endless possibilities to create new business opportunities and to create a great customer experience. Not only customers, but also employees can profit from using AR. Use new training methods and motivate your employees with progressive technologies.

How your business benefits from AR

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Bring your product
package to live

Use your product packaging in the most efficient way and communicate additional product information and services with AR! Be it a product demonstration video, a cooking recipe, or a construction manual.

use case example 2

Let your Corporate Design

Enhance your corporate design materials like logo, business cards, corporate brochures with additional augmented reality material.

use case example 2

Let your Corporate Design speak

Enhance your corporate design materials like logo, business cards, corporate brochures with additional augmented reality material.

Boost your sales with AR

Drive better results (top and bottom line) by providing added value to your clients and customers.